I've been writing code for the web since 2005 and believe in clean, tasteful design and development with best practices kept in mind.



Editor is a responsive HTML/CSS/JS code editor that renders what you type in real-time. It utilizes CodeMirror and a number of other useful plugins and libraries. Major features include auto-save via local storage, a resizable code/preview pane, syntax highlighting, dependency injection, a file saver, and the ability to run scripts directly in the browser.


Snap is an infinitely nestable 12 column fluid grid. Use it for rapid prototyping, wireframes, or production-ready websites. I've included an optional set of "sanitized" styles to get started with as well as common JS libraries/plugins. This simple, yet extensible grid system is focused on modern browser support, efficient code, and maintainability.

Laura Joins the Famsv1.0

This is the wedding website for my cousin, Laura Bunker and her fiancé, Chris Famulare. They're an amazing couple and their special day is right around the corner. My goal for this website was to build something unique, yet simple and easy to read. I focused heavily on bold typographic style, minimalism, speed, and extensive browser support.

Wedding Belle Revv1.2

Rev. Kristen Barner (MDiv of Wedding Belle Rev, LLC), would be honored to officiate your wedding, bless your same-sex holy union, help renew your vows, and much more. My approach to her online presence was to consolidate her services into a single, responsive, easy to use website, and introduce interactive elements that engage the user.

Mark & Kellyv1.6

This is the wedding website for my fiancée wife and I. It's 100% responsive, optimized for mobile devices, and features a number of smooth animations powered by Velocity.js. While working on this project I focused on performance, usability, and accessibility. Our day was very special and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.