I'm Mark — a front end developer and designer located in Charleston, South Carolina.

I've been coding for the web since 2005 and currently work at Blackbaud, where I build and manage database-driven websites for higher education institutions, health organizations, and other enterprise level clients.


I create developer-focused tools on GitHub and experiment with new ideas on CodePen in my spare time. Here are some notable projects:


Editor is a responsive HTML/CSS/JS code editor that renders what you type in real-time. Major features include auto-save via local storage, a resizable code/preview pane, syntax highlighting, dependency injection, a file saver, and the ability to run scripts directly in the browser.


DIFF is a good looking and easy to use diff tool. It compares two chunks of text and highlights any lines that have been added, modified, or removed. It's especially useful for comparing code in any language.


Snap is an infinitely nestable 12 column fluid grid. Use it for rapid prototyping, wireframes, or production-ready websites. This simple, yet extensible grid system is focused on modern browser support, efficient code, and maintainability.


Apart from my day job, I occasionally build responsive websites. Here are a few...

Wedding Belle Rev

Rev. Kristen Barner (MDiv of Wedding Belle Rev, LLC), would be honored to officiate your wedding, bless your same-sex holy union, help renew your vows, and much more. My approach to her online presence was to consolidate her services into a single, responsive, and easy to use website.